Saturday, July 15, 2017

Books About Gardening for Kids

Here are some books that you and your kids might enjoy:
- Anywhere Farm
- The Tiny Seed
- Planting a Rainbow
- Growing Vegetable Soup
- The Ugly Vegetables
- Mrs. Spitzer's Garden
- Oh can you seed?
- Blue Potatoes, Orange Tomatoes
- The Vegetables We Eat
- Tops and Bottoms
- Gus Was a Friendly Ghost (mentions nasturtium seeds)
- The Story of Chester the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva
- The Secret Life of Hummingbirds
- Face to Face with Caterpillars
- Monarch and Milkweed
- Kids Can Compost
- Composting

For the youngest children:
- The Little Gardener

For older kids:
- The Secret Garden (my favorite book as a kid)

Gardening Activity Books
- The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids

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